As per the requirement I need to integrate Google Pay in my Magento 2 site. But I am getting an error added below.


php -dmemory_limit=6G vendor/bin/composer require unboundcommerce/module-googlepay 1.1.1

also tried with

php -dmemory_limit=6G vendor/bin/composer require unboundcommerce/module-googlepay:v1.1.1

But getting same error message

Could not find a matching version of package unboundcommerce/module-googlepay. Check the package spelling, your version constrai nt and that the package is available in a stability which matches your minimum-stability (stable).

enter image description here

Magento Version : 2.3.5-p1

Composer : 1.10.22

Module URL : unboundcommerce/module-googlepay

Thanks in advance

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isnstead of


You need to use following command:

composer require unboundcommerce/module-googlepay:1.1.1


php -dmemory_limit=6G vendor/bin/composer require unboundcommerce/module-googlepay:1.1.1
  • Thak you for your reply, I tried the command in both Composer 1 and 2, but getting same error. I have added a screenshot in the question.
    – Dipu R
    Commented Jun 29, 2021 at 8:33

composer require unboundcommerce/module-googlepay:1.1.1 Do not run Composer as root/super user! See https://getcomposer.org/root for details Continue as root/super user [yes]? ./composer.json has been updated Running composer update unboundcommerce/module-googlepay Loading composer repositories with package information In Laminas\DependencyPlugin\DependencyRewriterV2::onPrePoolCreate Updating dependencies Your requirements could not be resolved to an installable set of packages.

Problem 1 - Root composer.json requires unboundcommerce/module-googlepay 1.1.1 -> satisfiable by unboundcommerce/module-googlepay[1.1.1]. - unboundcommerce/module-googlepay 1.1.1 requires firebase/php-jwt 5.0.0 -> found firebase/php-jwt[v5.0.0] but the package is fixed to v5.4.0 (lock file version) by a partial update and that version does not match. Make sure you list it as an argument for the update command.

Use the option --with-all-dependencies (-W) to allow upgrades, downgrades and removals for packages currently locked to specific versions.

Installation failed, reverting ./composer.json and ./composer.lock to their original content.


please cross-check the package name.


you are executing the composer command with the wrong package name

please use: composer require unboundcommerce-public/module-googlepay

instead of composer require unboundcommerce/module-googlepay:1.1.1


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