So, I have a rewrite rule that is supposed to redirect an old URL to a new one:

RewriteRule ^(.*)/-/manufacturers/(.*)$ $1/manufacturers--$2 [R=301,NC]

This is located in the .htaccess for the domain (though I've tested it in the /pub/.htaccess as well with no luck). However, when this rule is present in the .htaccess file, the URL doesn't become domain.com/category/manufacturers--name.html. Instead, it becomes domain.com/pub/category/manufacturers--name.html.

Where am I supposed to set up rewrite rules if not in the domain's root .htaccess?

Update: I've determined that the rule is due to the line, "RewriteRule .* /pub/$0 [L]" For some reason, any rewrite above it gets /pub/ prepended. I can set up a rewrite condition for the /pub/ rule, but that is a workaround, and doesn't seem like a proper fix. The Magento documentation doesn't mention any new ways of using your own htaccess file in a manner that is compatible with their new directory structure. Seems like a huge change to push in an update without considering basic issues like this - issues that are baked into how people typically use htaccess files.

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