Is there an alternative module that is not blacklisted by adblockers?

The theme we use are using implemented s7.addthis.com in some templates, so the i-frame is grayed out (gray element shown), and when I investigate the HTML section where I assumed to block should be:

<div id="sub-frame-error-details" jsselect="summary" jsvalues=".innerHTML:msg" jstcache="2">
This page has been blocked by an extension</div>

Disabling Bitdefender Anti-Tracker and then reloading the page will show all the links in the block.

Obviously this is not ideal, because customers will be using ad-blockers, we all do at some point.


s7.addthis.com is blocked by ad-blockers, I want to know if there is an alternative module for 'sharing product links to social media' that can be used.

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