I have an existing store with a collection of existing plugins. I'm trying to setup an integration test to test some new features, but the test doesn't get past the installation:

Module 'Manadev_SpecialCategories':
Installing schema...
In EavSetup.php line 296:

  The entity ID is incorrect. Verify the ID and try again.

I checked the code in the stack trace and I see that this plugin in it's setup script tries to select the id from eavy_entity_type where entity_type_code is catalog_category

But, in the testing database this table is completely empty, so the setup script fails. Is there a way to bypass this, or trigger the magento seeders to get integration tests running smoothly?

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I fixed this for now by modifying

dev/tests/integration/framework/Magento/TestFramework/Application.php by removing the local from the target filename where the global-config.php is copied.

 * Copies global configuration file from the tests folder (see 
 * @return void
private function copyGlobalConfigFile()
    $targetFile = $this->_configDir . '/config.php';
    copy($this->globalConfigFile, $targetFile);

This way Magento sees which modules I wish to disable and merges my settings into the generated config that is generated by the setup:install call.

Somehow Magento ignores the config.local modules settings that get ignored.

By copying it this way, the modules I set up to be ignored in config-global.php get actually ignored during the setup:install process, allowing me a mean and lean testing environment for my module.

I am open for better ways to resolve this so I can disable modules I don't need in configuration.

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