Using Luma as parent I have set image size in my theme's view.xml file for "related_products_list" "small_image" to 80/80.

On the front end this displays correctly, and I notice that that value gets applied inline as style="width: 80px" too.

My problem is that this inline style value is also being applied to my upsell products, despite my upsell product being defined as 300/300. The actual IMAGE is generated correctly, but I'm getting style="width: 80px" applied which is causing the image to be displayed incorrectly.

Whatever value I set for the "related_products_list" "small_image" it always gets used as an inline value for the Upsells.

Is this a bug? How can I fix this? I moved the upsell block via layout to page.bottom, not sure if this causes a problem for some reason?

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