im trying to configure the sort options available in the category page. but it doesnt seem to work. i only need 'position' and 'price' as options but its displaying other attribute than the one i selected from the config.

first i set the the option in the Category > Display Settings > Available Product Listing Sort By enter image description here

it did not work and its still showing 3 options.

next is i tried to disable them in the attributes 'Used for Sorting in Product Listing'

enter image description here

this one worked. formerly there are 5 options and i was able to remove the 2. but 'Type Device' 'Used for Sorting in Product Listing' is disabled. so i cant do the same on this field.

i do want to know why the category display setting is not working. but my main question is how can i remove 'Type Device' in the sort options. i know we can do this programmatically but i want to do this via config as much as possible to avoid unnecessary codes in the project for a purpose of hiding 1 sort option.

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