I have product titles all with this structure:

Men's organic cotton crewneck T-shirt

Live example: https://www.push96.com/en/napapijri---mens-organic-cotton-crewneck-t-shirt-np0a4eob041.html

I want to link the brand name (in this case the word "NAPAPIJRI") to the "view all products of this brand" (in this case "storeurl/brands/napapijri.html". Is this possible?

PS: the brand name is always before 'br' tag

  • Yes, possible, did you know from where currently that brand name show> – Dhiren Vasoya Jun 9 at 13:42
  • It's the tilte of the item, imported from csv. I need a php solution for product view, the brand name is always the word in the first line (before br tag). I.E. "NAPAPIJRI" should be "storeurl/brands/napapijri.html, while "TIMBERLAND" shuld be "storeurl/brands/timberland.html. Sometimes brand name is setup from 2/3 words like "POLO RALPH LAUREN" and in this case the url should be "storeurl/brands/polo_ralph_lauren.html" – Silver Jun 11 at 21:45

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