this style is causing an issue with my mobile menu.

  .navigation .submenu:not(:first-child).expanded {
    display: block !Important;

I have tried to overwrite it but it still appears as a duplicate. Is it possible to remove this completely from my theme.

I am trying to replace the rule with

  .navigation .submenu:not(:first-child).expanded {
    display: none;

I cant use none !important because that then breaks something else. So thats why i need to remove it completly

  • When you say it appears as a duplicate, do you mean that it exists as an overwritten rule when you inspect that element, or is it actually being applied instead of your overwrite?
    – jiheison
    Jun 7 at 22:29
  • It will just exist as another rule. I am trying to completly change the rule to .navigation .submenu:not(:first-child).expanded { display: none; }
    – Carter
    Jun 9 at 12:53

I think you must overwrite this path:


in line 196 is the CSS code is causing you problems... :)

  • Thank you! you have fixed a week long headache
    – Carter
    Jun 11 at 18:28

One way to do this is to copy style-m.css to your theme and delete the desired line of code. Example: Vendor / Theme / web / css / style-m.css , That way it is completely removed.

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