Since I've migrated Magento 1.7 to 1.9 some images doesn't show up. I found that the ones who doesn't show up are those with uppercase letters in url and when I manually insert lowercase letters, the image show up.

What can I do?

Thank you very much.


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First, thanks to R.S to help me found the latest piece to resolve my puzzle.

To solve this problem:

  1. Make a php script to put your files in lowercase (sorry isn't recursive so you will need to make it folder by folder)

    // The directory that contains the files that you want to rename to lowercase 
    $directory = "/public_html/media/catalog/product/s/t/"; 
    $conn = ftp_connect("website"); 
    $dir = ftp_nlist($conn,"."); 
    foreach($dir as $fsObject) 
        if($fsObject != "." || $fsObject != "..") 
            if($fsObject != strtolower($fsObject)) 
                echo strtolower($fsObject)."<br>";
    echo $directory."<br>";
    echo "Finish!";
  2. Run these SQL queries: update catalog_product_entity_media_gallery set value = lcase(value) where lcase(value) like '%.jpg'; update catalog_product_entity_varchar set set value = lcase(value) where lcase(value) like '%.jpg';

  3. Clean your images cache in Cache Management


My only advice is to double and triple check that you've flush all caches possible (Magento Cache, System Cache, and all 8 caches along with media cache). If you're using Zend Full Page cache, empty that too. Go to /var/cache and delete everything in here and do the same in var/sessions (if you're storing sessions in the file system and not the database).

If all of that fails try using a different browser that you have yet to view the site on. If that fails try uploading a fresh copy of your version of magento, replacing all the core files. I've seen crazy things happen with Magento and a upload of a clean copy fixes problems for whatever reason. Hope this helps!

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