I have successfully imported data from Magento 1.9 to 2.4. But I have an issue with configurable products price. Configurable products on M2 are configured in a different way than M1. In M1 let's say there is product A that has A1 and A2 simple products associated. The price of A is 100$ and the price of A1 is 115$. When A1 is associated with A we selected a fixed price increase of $10. So the total price of A with option A1 is 110$.

When this product A is imported to M2, the 10$ increment is not working. Instead, when product A is selected with option A1, the price of A becomes 115$.

In short, it looks like the Migration tool does not move the fixed/percentage price increase of associated products, which cause a price issue for configurable products. Is it a known issue or am I missing something?

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