We have a "bulk discount" structure across our site as follows:

Spend $110 $249.99 - Get 5% Off Spend $250 - $499.99 - Get 7% Off Spend $500 - $1000 - Get 10% Off Spend $1000+ - Get 15% Off

We have some items we want to only give the maximum discount of 7% to - I'm able to exclude these products from the 10% and 15% off rules above, and I created a new Rule to give these items a 7% discount on orders $500 and higher.

The problem I'm having is that the rules above are not giving the 10% discount at $500 if the excluded items are also in the cart.

For example, I have an order total of $600 and

  • $300 of the items on this order are to receive a 7% discount
  • $300 of the items on this order is to receive the 10% discount

In this instance, the rules apply the 7% discount to both items, although the items that qualify for the 10% discount should be receiving the discount due to the cart value.

What is odd is that the items that earn the 10% discount receive the discount UNTIL I add the items that receive only the 7% pricing - EVEN if the 10% discount item qualifies for a 10% discount on it's own - it receives a 7% discount once the 7% items are added to the cart.

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