So i'm very new to Magento. I am struggling to find a way to manage my inventory effectively.

My store has a bunch of simple products for sale. I want to take two of these products, create a bundle product and offer this bundle with a monthly billing agreement where the customer gets the product sent to them each month. The issue I'm having is for the first month, I want to the customer to receive both products, but for the recurring months, I only want them to receive one product.

Is there a way to do this in Magento? Currently I have the product I want to bundle as a simple product and having to keep track of my inventory manually and check to see if it's the customers first order so I know to send them both products.



No, this is not possible.

And because you can't buy recurring items and normal items together, you can't either implement something which adds the simple item as recurring starting next month...

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