I am building the magento 2.4 website By the way I am facing with below customer login issue

"I had logged into the website with customer account I spent some times and I visited the site by the way username is displaying and no logout button, login button is displaying - I am pretty sure that this user account is logged out automatically by session

Why is this user account name displaying still?

I had tried to purge all history and cookie of the chrome browser in chrome browser clear section

And I had tried to do OK this account name is appeared

Anyway I don't know why this account user name is displaying always before history of the chrome browser is cleared

my actions

step 1:

enter image description here

step 2: I had logged into the site

enter image description here

step 3: After 10 min I refresh the browser

enter image description here

step 4: clear all data in chrome browser

enter image description here

step 5:

enter image description here

How can I set or fix this issue

Hope to help for this issue

Thank you so much

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Its magento cache issue not browser cache issue.

please disable cache once and check your functionality. if it works then please remove that section from cache.

Its in header so I guess your site will be not cachable after fix that issue but still you wanna fix issue for now please use below code in xml

<block class="Block\Class" name="blockname" cacheable="false" />

mark as solution if works for you

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