I am using Magento ver., I have tried all solution available on different threads but unable to get "Browse Button" and "Upload Button" in product image tab. I have tried chrome, MicrosoftEdge, Opera and Firefox but not successful. Please suggest me a solution as soon as possible.

  • Very common issue. It mean you need to update security patches in your site. May 19 at 12:12
  • can you please guide me a bit more what exactly i need to do. Thanks May 19 at 12:50
  • Gohil Rajesh : It didn't work. Is there any other solution? May 25 at 12:45

please try once this module. it will help you


  • please guide where to upload "Just upload the app and js folders to your Magento installation". there are already folders of app and js in public_html/app and public_html/js. Shall i replace them? or something else. Thanks May 19 at 18:49
  • Yes just upload..overwrite folder..dont remove old app and js May 20 at 3:02
  • i have not overwritten those folder but uploaded the missing files from here "No-Flash-Image-Uploader: Just upload the app and js folders to your Magento installation". but on images catalog_product/edit only "Images" is written, nothing else. i had a fear if i overwrite the complete folders "app and js" the whole website will be affected. because overwrite the folders mean replacing all their files with new files. Please guide what to do. thanks May 20 at 14:29
  • What u mean by this? It works or not? May 20 at 14:33
  • no it didnot work May 20 at 14:44

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