I had a product for which I had uploaded a base image with file name 7aceebe8-7adf-48dc-9c78-c235999b34a1.jpg Then I uploaded another image 677dce28-258e-4a92-ba4a-88fae42c9b60.jpg as base image via API. Now my product on admin page has tag 'Base image' for file 677dce28-258e-4a92-ba4a-88fae42c9b60.jpg.File name of the base image on UI

But the api response in the postman still indicates the previous image as the base image. type 'image' is attached to different image than that of previous.

I have cleared the cache but no resolution. Am I missing something here? Doesn't the 'image' type in the api response refer to the base image? Or is there any other way where I can clearly get all the product image information with base and thumbanail tag?

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