In the product view I have 1/2 ratio image for product A (material) and 3/4 ratio image for product B (material on person).

For the category view I can easily change the product picture ratio in the settings. For example to "Product Picture Ration = 3/4 Portrait. See here:

enter image description here

That does the job and my image is sharp without blur in category view.

Does anyone know how I can accomplish the same Picture Ratio also on product pages for images of this category? And only for this category?

Problem is, that the images uploaded and used as Thumbnail, Small and Base with Picture Ratio 3/4 Portrait get blurry in product view main view (strangely not when I click picture)

As per here:

enter image description here

Does anyone have an idea, how the image in product view remains sharp as per category settings "Product Picture Ration = 3/4 Portrait" where this is accomplished via the setting alone?


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    here I think you need to do customization in product image helper where it will take size based on category. Instead of this I would suggest to go with imageennie tool or amasty page optimizer extension. This is updating the size the based on image and devices. I hope this will help you.
    – Nits
    May 11 at 15:41

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