Is it possible to make the postcode required on signup? I've taken a look under the customer configuration in admin panel and cannot find an option to make the postcode required.

I have created a module that adds a Customer EAV to request the postcode, but I want to do this without having to create a module; from the Magento Admin panel.

Is this possible without having to create a module?

  • May you please share the filename with its path and some code so that we can drill deep into this issue ? May 6 at 17:25
  • @VibhoreJain I understand the rules of StackExchange, I'm a mod on SO. This question has no code assosiated because I'm asking is it possible to do this from within the admin panel? I can already create a module and add a poscode field, but that means there's 2 postcode fields the user has to enter (one on signup, one of order). Ideally I want to use the postcode field from magento on the signup form. If it's not possible from Magento's CMS the answer should be "no". Hence why I'm asking. May 7 at 10:14

Magento 2 has a built in feature that allows the user to specify countries for optional post code.

In that feature, you can remove validation for selected countries.

Settings can be found in: Admin Panel > Stores > Settings > Configuration > General > General > Country options > Zip/Postal Code is Optional for

You have to un-tick the "Use system value" and un-select the countries that you want the post code to be validated for.

  • This is not what I am looking for. May 10 at 5:25

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