I am trying to join two tables like below

    $objectManager =  \Magento\Framework\App\ObjectManager::getInstance();

    $collection = $objectManager->get('Advance\Module\Model\Method')
    ->getCollection()->addFieldToFilter('stores', ['finset' => $store_id]);

    $collection->getSelect()->joinLeft( ['shippingrate'=> 'shippingrate'], 
    'shippingrate.method_id = main_table.method_id', ['main_table.method_id']);

This is returning all data from two tables. I could not get specific columns from the end result.

  • Try this answer magento.stackexchange.com/a/166292/84221 – Rahul Barot May 3 at 4:24
  • Try with shippingrate table's column in array like $collection->getSelect()->joinLeft( ['shippingrate'=> 'shippingrate'], 'shippingrate.method_id = main_table.method_id', ['shippingrate.column_name']); – Mital Shah May 3 at 6:49

You can refer to this example of mine:

protected function filterOrder($payment_method)
        $this->sales_order_table = ""main_table"";
        $this->sales_order_payment_table = $this->getTable(""sales_order_payment"");
            ->join(array('payment' =>$this->sales_order_payment_table), $this->sales_order_table . '.entity_id= payment.parent_id',
                array('payment_method' => 'payment.method',
                    'order_id' => $this->sales_order_table.'.entity_id'

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