I'm trying to import customer addresses. If the region has a name with accents, Magento v2.3.6 won't recognize it.


  • Country code 'RO', region 'Timiș' - doesn't work
  • Country code 'RO', region 'Timis' - doesn't work
  • Country code 'RO', region 'Olt' - works
  • Country code 'RO', region 'Brașov' - doesn't work

In the DB, regions do have accents.

I can swear it used to work on a previous Magento version, but I'm not 100% sure.

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In my particular case, ș (U+0219, in my import file, which also comes off my keyboard) was different from ş (U+015F, in the DB).

I just changed all DB regions to contain the more common version of the character.

Also be careful about ț's

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