When I Was Upgrading Magento to Magento 2.4 I had Got This Error Please Guide Me.

enter image description here[martarab@inpro3 public_html]$ php bin/magento setup:upgrade Cache types config flushed successfully Connectiondefault" is not defined

In ResourceConnection.php line 148:

Connectiondefault" is not defined

  • Check that you have an env.php file in your app/etc folder and that your DB details are defined correctly. Apr 23 at 13:15
  • yes i have env.php and db details are defined in it Apr 26 at 13:19

Please check env.php file in app / etc directory. If not, copy it from another project. If it already exists change the line 'connection' => 'default' to 'connection' => 'production' or 'connection' => 'developer'

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