I want to prevent order on checkout page. With the use of particular condition i need stop placing order.

When i click on place order button , my order should not be place and should redirect to cart page with error message.

Do anyone have idea on this?


  • Try to use this event: sales_order_place_before Commented Apr 23, 2021 at 5:12
  • Not working as per my requirement
    – ZealousWeb
    Commented Apr 23, 2021 at 5:20

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Observer on event sales_order_place_before can prevent the order being placed. Example, if the order is below $100, order won't be placed, and the message will appear in checkout page. getData('order') returns Magento/Sales/Model/Order object. If you need to check the order items, you can use $order->getAllItems()

namespace Vendor\Module\Observer;

use Magento\Framework\Event\Observer;
use Magento\Framework\Event\ObserverInterface;
use Magento\Framework\Message\ManagerInterface as MessageManagerInterface;

class PreventOrder implements ObserverInterface

public function __construct(
   MessageManagerInterface $messageManager
) {
   $this->messageManager = $messageManager;

 * @param Observer $observer
 * @return $this
public function execute(Observer $observer)
   $order = $observer->getEvent()->getData('order');
   $orderTotal = $order->getTotalDue();
   $threshold = 100;

   try {
     if ($orderTotal < $threshold) {
       $message = "Order is below the $100 minimum required!";
   } catch (\Magento\Framework\Exception\Exception $e) {
     throw new \Magento\Framework\Exception\LocalizedException(


etc/events.xml file

  <event name="sales_order_place_before">
      <observer name="vendor_module_preventOrder" 

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  • I need to redirect to cart page with error message and don't want to throw exception. I can easily redirect to cart page but error message was not showing. You can try practically for it
    – ZealousWeb
    Commented Apr 23, 2021 at 5:38
  • I updated the code to add error message and redirect.
    – bernieu2
    Commented Apr 23, 2021 at 5:56
  • Hey bro, i know the code. I am saying this you can check by practically. You will not see error message after redirect.
    – ZealousWeb
    Commented Apr 23, 2021 at 5:57
  • I am seeing error message in my installation?
    – bernieu2
    Commented Apr 23, 2021 at 5:59
  • In which version you are working?
    – ZealousWeb
    Commented Apr 23, 2021 at 6:04

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