I have a store with 3 different languages (EN,DE & FR) and I have installed the language packs for those and I can verify the installation is correct as "app/" has appeared on the file system.

I have then created a store view for each of those languages but 'FR' gives the error "There was no 404 CMS page configured or found." when changing language while viewing a product and I also get that error on both 'FR' and 'DE' when looking at the stores front page.

Have I missed a configuration option somewhere?


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ste,you need set cms page for this store. got admin>CMS>Page>Select you cms page and select Store View all All storeview or select desire store for this cms enter image description here


Under System > Configuration, you can see Design tab. In that page, you can see a section to set Default pages. There you need to set default home page for each store view that you have created.

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