I am working on integrating a 3rd Party API into Magento. I'd like to use an Admin Grid with a Data Source that comes from a 3rd party API. So Essentially the Flow work like this... User Loads into admin page with grid -> grid has data source specified to resource model -> resource model calls 3rd party api to get data -> data is returned to resource model(not sure if its supposed to be resource model or collection or factory in this scenario) -> data is bind through the resource model to the grid.

If there's any additional information needed please let me know. I'm not sure what all information might be helpful.

  • There is a simple way and imho, a better way to do this. You create a cron to constantly pull data into your database and then make use of that data as normal grid
    – Jimmy
    Apr 17, 2021 at 3:41

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I have never implemented a kind of complex integration like that, but I think you can base your code to the ElasticSearch connection. I know that you are working on Magento 2.3, and I do not remember which version of Magento require ES as default service, but even if you do not have the ES library you can analyze how it works here:


But firstly, you can try to check it locally:


That collection extends Magento catalog collection but reimplement part of the code to access the ES API.

Collections have a bunch of methods that you will have to implement. It will not be an easy task.

Good Luck

  • would you have any recommendations on how to get data into a Magento grid from a 3rd party API? Just curious if I’m over complicating this or not!
    – jtaylo13
    Apr 17, 2021 at 3:30

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