I have a set of products, which are using different image for base, small and thumbnail.

I would like to programmatically update them so that the base/thumbnail image is the same as the image now used for small image.

Any ideas?


you can find out on ths way .

$productId = '1';
$getimage = "SELECT value FROM catalog_product_entity_varchar WHERE entity_id = '$productId' AND store_id = '1' AND attribute_id = '88'"; // where 88 is the attribute id for 'small' in my case .
$imageUrl = $connection->fetchAll($getimage);
            $imagePath = $imageUrl[0]['value'];
            $sql = "DELETE FROM catalog_product_entity_varchar WHERE `entity_id`='$productId' AND `attribute_id` IN ('87','89')";
            $sql1 = "INSERT INTO catalog_product_entity_varchar (`attribute_id`, `store_id`, `entity_id`, `value`) VALUES ('87','0','$productId','$imagePath'),('87','1','$productId','$imagePath'),('89','0','$productId','$imagePath'),('89','1','$productId','$imagePath')";

87 and 89 are attribute id for base and thumbnail resp. You can check on catalog_product_entity_varchar that what are your attribute ids for base,small and thumbnail

Note : Backup your database first, then after do this step.

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