Magento 2.4.2
Porto theme

I have purchased the Magento Porto theme over 6 months ago on the Themeforest/Envato site. It cost $129 and I believe I initially specified a domain which I never ever developed (and will not do). So the theme has never been used and I want to install it on another domain instead. I found someone's question about this long time ago in the Porto support chat but I am unable to find this again now. I clicked everywhere in my Themeforest/Envato portal and do not find any way to change the domain on the license. There sadly does not appear to be any way for me to contact Porto through the Envato site as my Support period has expired already.

I plan to buy 2 more licenses from them but I also need to figure out how can one change the domain on the existing license to a new one?

  • Contact the vendor of the theme they will be able to update the domain for you. Apr 9 at 14:34

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