I need to remove some products from a single website, but I need to do it through CSV. I saw this question but it isn't what I need, since I have only read access to the Magento database for my store, so I need to do this through CSV import.

In our Magento2, we have 2 stores/websites at present. I want to erase the products from the 'base'/'default' website, while leaving them intact from the other website.

I tried two CSVs, for a single configurable product and its associated simple products, in our staging/testing environment. I import the CSVs at System > Data Transfer > Import > Products > Delete.

I first tried with a CSV that had this structure, specifying product_websites and store_view_code:


And it did nothing (similar to the results in this question).

Then I tried with a CSV with the following structure, specifying only product_websites:


And the product was fully deleted from Magento, all websites.

The links above were the closest I could find to solutions I needed, but they didn't exactly address/solve this issue. So, is there a way to effectively remove a product from one website (which happens to be the 'base' website) through CSV data import?

Thank you in advance!!

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