hie, i am very very new to Magento development. I am trying to make a plugin for a check out process. One of the steps is to create a di.xml file which indicates the class or interface to be observed. I am lost as to where i can actualy find this information (observed type). Where is the class of interface that does the checkout(example), how do i find it?. Do l search through all the modules in the magento vendor folder until i find something?

config type name="{ObservedType}"> plugin name="{pluginName}" type="{PluginClassName}" sortOrder="1" disabled="false" />

your assistance would be greatly appreciated

  • This is an incredibly vague question. What are you trying to do to the checkout? There are 100's of functions called within the checkout and it could be any one of them that you need to observe. Depending on what you need to do you may not even need a plugin. Give us some more detail and we will be able to give you the information you need. – Craig Apr 8 at 18:29

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