I'm using Magento 2.4.1, and this is my message queue configuration in app/etc/env.php

'queue' => [
    'consumers_wait_for_messages' => 0
'cron_consumers_runner' => [
    'cron_run' => true,
    'max_messages' => 2,
    'single_thread' => true,
    'consumers-wait-for-messages' => 0,
    'consumers' => [

I set the max_messages to 2 , I don't know if this is enough or gonna cause any trouble later

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I saw this in Magento official devdocs, wondering why you put 2 there

max_messages - The maximum number of messages each consumer must process before terminating (default = 10000). Although we do not recommend it, you can use 0 to prevent the consumer from terminating. See consumers_wait_for_messages to configure how consumers process messages from the message queue.



Default = 10000, you can use 0 to prevent the consumer from terminating

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