I want to get all enable categories for specific store from query in Magento 2 database. As I tried from database query from table catalog_category_entity_int

SELECT * FROM `catalog_category_entity_int` WHERE `attribute_id`=46 AND `store_id`=1 GROUP BY `entity_id`

Where 46 is attribute id for enable attribute.

With this query i am getting all categories ids but for all stores categories are same if i change store_id the results are same for all stores

  • Your question needs to be updated as catalog_category_entity_int does not contain any column named entity_id which you are using in GROUP BY clause. Apr 5, 2021 at 9:20

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First of all the value of the attribute is_active which correctly you found the id 46 can be in one or more rows for the same category.

Lets take an example:

Lets assume the Category with the entity_id = 2.

In the table catalog_category_entity_int for sure there will be one row for the default store_id which is the 0 , if you went to the admin area and changed is_active attribute for another store view or website lets say for the french store view which's id is 1 (this ids are for the table store) then in the table catalog_category_entity_int you will have another row with another value for this attribute. So now you will have 1 row for the default store_id and one for the french store_id.

When your user will be in french store view he will get the value with the store_id=1 if the user will be in any other store view or website the default store_id will be used.

enter image description here

To get the categories for the specific store view for many categories there wont be a value in other store_id except 0 .

So I would suggest to export values for each store view and then combine them to see which one you need.

SELECT * FROM `catalog_category_entity_int` WHERE `attribute_id`=46 AND `store_id`=1 

SELECT * FROM `catalog_category_entity_int` WHERE `attribute_id`=46 AND `store_id`=0 

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