I created a new product type image of bundled product and everything is work except the children product cannot insert the price into database table salt_flat_quote_item and sale_flat_order_item. This turned out to give some problems in the order in the backend cannot show children price of this product but I found the reason is because my new product type cannot insert eav price_type into table catalog_product_entity_int then I test to insert this data in the table by manual and child price of the product insert into table salt_flat_quote_item successful. I don't know how to insert this attribute into table catalog_product_entity_int, anyone can help ?


To insert values into the table catalog_product_entity_int you have to create a new catalog product attribute of type text (varchar) and then migrate that to a type int manually by running an upgrade script:


$installer = $this;

$installer->updateAttribute('catalog_product', '<<your_attribute_code>>', array(
   'backend_type'    => 'int',

Source: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/3664035/magento-create-product-attribute-that-is-an-integer

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