We are looking for some form of way to handle a scenario like so;

Customer X has Item A, Item B and Item C-PART-1 in his cart. Due to having Item C-PART-1 in their cart and no inclusion of Item C-PART-2, they are prevented from checking out and placing their order.

However, Customer Y has Item B, Item C-PART-1 and Item C-PART-2 in his cart. Due to having the required two products together in the cart, they are able to move onto checkout and placing their order.

Is this possible? Via some form of seeing they only have one of the two requirements in their cart and alerting them to add the other, or possibly having one of the items being added to the cart automatically adds the other separate item?

Could be looked at as required to complete a bundle, or possibly accessory parts that would need to be purchased together. Thanks

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