[enter link description here][1]In magento 2.3 multivendor marketplace When i am seeing my sales order from admin panel there i found order id which showing on Grid and order view link where order id showing is differ from grid's order id. This mismatching of ids create a lot of confusion when a customer orders the product from our platform . He/she getting order placement message according to View Link orderid.

you can see this video link for better understanding. [1]: https://www.awesomescreenshot.com/video/3181610?key=f91c7fe7831ee2e97f0b2b91f8277d4f

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Id on grid it is actually increment_id in DB, it generates in Magento SalesSequesce extension, id in view link is entity_id field from DB. They can be different if you used some Custom Order Number extension or deleted orders from DB.

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