I have multi websites in one magento. Magento version is 2.3.2

I have multiple categories in magento. I am showing here for "es" store view code.

https://localhost/catalizadores (Without slash at the end) redirects to https://localhost/es/catalizadores/


https://localhost/catalizadores/ (With slash at the end) does not redirect and is the same page as (https://localhost/catalizadores/)

So now i have 2 Urls for the same category page


I want always this URL https://localhost/es/catalizadores/ (Always with store view code)

How can i achieve this? Any idea? I have multiple category URLs so i am not preferring to add in .htaccess file.

  • have you enabled Use Canonical Link Meta Tag For Categories, does that help? – paj Mar 25 at 12:20
  • It is enabled. But doesn't help – ZealousWeb Mar 25 at 12:20
  • Why would the category url without store code be published anywhere if the canonical url is set with the store code? Google should index it correctly. – paj Mar 25 at 12:28
  • This issue concerning redirection that affect Google Analytics and AdWords. So i need solution for it. – ZealousWeb Mar 25 at 12:30
  • The url wihout the store code will goto the default store view. Either you would need to redirect based on browser language (won't work for crawlers / google etc) or redirect to one default store view. Otherwise I don't think it is possible. – paj Mar 25 at 12:35

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