I'm inside an observer

<event name="layout_load_before">
    <observer name="add_robot" instance="FranceTombale\Robot\Observer\NoindexfollowOnProduct" />

My goal is to alter the layout of some specific url

So inside the observer this is what I have :

use Magento\Framework\App\Response\RedirectInterface;

$redirectUrl = $this->redirect->getRedirectUrl();
$logger->info('Redirect url observer :'.$redirectUrl);
$linkCollection =$this->linkNoIndexCollection->getItems();
foreach ($linkCollection as $item) {
    $urlItem = $item->getData('url');
    if ($urlItem == $redirectUrl) { // .... the code logic updating the layout }

But this is not acting like I would like it act.

For example, if i'm on the page htpp://website/home and I try to go on the page http://website/myproduct then the value of $redirectUrl is htpp://website/home when what I would need for my logic to work is to get the value http://website/myproduct

Any ideas ?

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I may did not get you'r problem properly but can you write this observer:


And You can write logic accordingly this:

$this->eventManager->dispatch('controller_action_predispatch' . $request->getRouteName(), $eventParameters);

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