I want to merge my two collections,

public function getRelatedPosts()
        if (!$this->hasData('related_posts')) {
            /** collection 1 */
            $collection = $this->_relatedPostsCollection
                ->addFieldToFilter('post_id', ['neq' => $this->getId()])
                ['rl' => $this->getResource()->getTable('magefan_blog_post_relatedpost')],
                'main_table.post_id = rl.related_id',
                'rl.post_id = ?',

            /** collection 2 */
            $collection = $this->_relatedPostsCollection
            ->addFieldToFilter('post_id', ['neq' => $this->getId()])
              ->addFieldToFilter('category_id', ['in' => $this->getCategories()]);
          $collection->getSelect()->columns(['position' => 'post_id']);
                         ['cl' => $this->getResource()->getTable('magefan_blog_post_relatedpost')],
                         'main_table.post_id != cl.related_id',

            $this->setData('related_posts', $collection);


        return $this->getData('related_posts');

How to do that?


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The merge method returns the merged collection, it doesn't mutate the original collection, thus you need to do the following:

$original = new Collection(['foo']);

$latest = new Collection(['bar']);

$merged = $original->merge($latest); // Contains foo and bar.

Applying the example to your code $related = $collection1->merge($collection2);

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