1. I use Magento2.
  2. I have 2000 products.
  3. I try to get all products, using Rest API.

My request str.: GET https:///rest/default/V1/products?searchCriteria[pageSize]=1000. But this is not enough because the total quantity of products is 2000.

If I try to use:

  • GET https:///rest/default/V1/products?searchCriteria[pageSize]=0 or
  • GET https:///rest/default/V1/products?searchCriteria.

I received error or empty response. I think the response data is too large. So I think, that I need to use pages.

QUESTION: How can I create a Next page, that will start from the last data of the previous page? EXAMPLE:

  • I have 20 products;
  • 1-st Page includes 10 products (From 1 to 10);
  • 2-nd Page should include 11 products(From 10 to 20);

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You need to pass the currentPage parameter in the rest API. Like this


For detailed info about currentPage parameter check this link: https://devdocs.magento.com/guides/v2.4/graphql/queries/products.html#currentpage-attribute


You can add the limit and current page fields to get the desired quantity of products


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