How can i add the company to these Blocks on checkout Page?

show company in /checkout/#shipping

show company in /checkout/#payment

I ve tried to add these Information to:

enter image description here

But it will not be displayed. Example given:

<if args="visible()">
<text args="address().company"/>
<text args="address().prefix"/> <text args="address().firstname"/> <text args="address().middlename"/>
<text args="address().lastname"/> <text args="address().suffix"/><br/>
<text args="_.values(address().street).join(', ')"/><br/>
<text args="address().city "/>, <span text="address().region"></span> <text args="address().postcode"/><br/>
<text args="getCountryName(address().countryId)"/><br/>
<a if="address().telephone" attr="'href': 'tel:' + address().telephone" text="address().telephone"></a><br/>

<each args="data: address().customAttributes, as: 'element'">
    <text args="$parent.getCustomAttributeLabel(element)"/>

Please Help...

Other Shops are working:

enter image description here

  • There is no default company field for customer address data, have you added this database field yourself?
    – paj
    Mar 19 '21 at 9:44
  • it must be in magento 2.3.5-p2, it is shown in backend, you can see it in every form, but not in checkout...
    – Simon
    Mar 19 '21 at 21:14

AFAIK, there is a company field which you can show by enabling it in admin -> Stores -> Configuration -> Customers -> Customer Configuration -> Name and Address Options -> Show company.

Its display in the address forms is managed by Magento based on the configuration and you don't need to change anything.

  • Yes, got that, but it is not showing... In 2 of 3 Shops it is working, but not in this particular Shop...
    – Simon
    Mar 19 '21 at 10:30
  • oh... i'm thinking that the custom theme could be the issue? Mar 19 '21 at 12:01
  • could be, but the other shops got the same theme... Hard to find the difference, but i will try to find them if there
    – Simon
    Mar 19 '21 at 21:13

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