I want to write certain css for my email templates. How can i do that. Please tell me how should i make a custom css file for email templates and include it in my email template content https://prnt.sc/10ov9rl


Don't need to create CSS. You just add your style in the _email.less file which located below path.

app/design/frontend/{{YOUR THEME NAME HERE}}/default/web/css/source/_email.less

After that, you have to run commands.

Note: Whenever you change anything into the _email.less file you have to run the commands.

Let me know if you still facing any issues.


Use this way to call css file in email template


{{css file="Magento_Sales::css/filename.css"}}
  • Have you tried this? How can i call the css file which is thr in my custom theme? – Nafsss Mar 18 at 10:53

Please check this out


I hope this might help you


  • Already referred this. But did not understand anything – Nafsss Mar 18 at 10:53

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