• when customer pay order in advance example in paypal I have order status "paid".
  • when customer try pay for order in advance example via paypal but payment refused I have order status "pending".
  • But when customer select payment method "Cash on Delivery" I also have order status "pending".

How to set: When customer select payment method "cash on delivery" then default status order is "COD".

  1. You can follow Magento official docs to add a new order status https://docs.magento.com/user-guide/sales/order-status-custom.html
  2. Then you can assign new order status in Payment setting enter image description here
  • It won't be there by default. You need to create a new status, assign the new status to the Pending group, then it will appear as expected.
    – Jimmy
    Mar 18 at 8:15

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