I cant seem to stop the new rwd zoom from trying to zoom even on small images works fine for images that are bigger than the product image dispaly area box but with a small image the zoom still activates and displays the identical sized image as the zoom which looks a mess.

In the old Magento versions i think the zoom never activated if the image was smaller than the image holder, but i cant find how to stop it in rwd.

Any ideas would be great, many thanks

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Just for future reference if anyone else comes across to this question via google since it was the first google result when I searched for this problem what I did was change in file


around line 614


to fix the behaviour so it won't look bad. So the script will work now only for much larger pictures. Other than that you can probably disable it completely by removing the code around line 649


as it was suggested in another person's question so it won't activate the function. Or you can increase the threshold to a very large number if that doesn't work for u.

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