I have located the value for short description for the default store store (catalog_product_entity_text.value) but I can't find my modified 'store view' version.

Could somebody let me know the exact table please.


The values for description and short description are kept in the catalog_product_entity_text table.
For the same product you will have the same entity_id value.
The values with store_id 0 are the default values.
If the store_id value is bigger than 0 then it means it's a value for a specific store.
In order to find the attribute_id you are looking for take a look in the eav_attribute table.

  • Thank you, appreciated. I can't set as 'answered' for another 6 minutes. I don't understand the reasoning for Stack setting a limit on length of time before I can mark as 'answered' – Ste Aug 22 '14 at 11:17

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