I am using store pickup of magento 2.4. I want to my store option to be preselected on checkout, as user have to search for it every time. Anyone have done this? https://nimb.ws/VNMWI1


I think your issue is most likely with the Magento determining the distance from the customer to the store. Using this it can suggest the closest store. (Even if you only have one store, if it doesn't know the distance it won't suggest any.) Have you setup Google Map API? Make sure the Latitude and Longitude of your configured source is entered and correct. Make sure your testing from a location that is within the search radius configured under Delivery Methods.

It gave me a hard time originally but after messing with it I got it to show up automatically.

  • Can't we show the source directly without messing with google maps? I haven't enabled maps or coordinates for my source. Also where to get google maps api and how much does that cost? – Arsalan Ul Haq Mar 5 at 6:34
  • where can I setup google maps api? – Arsalan Ul Haq Mar 21 at 12:54

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