We are using Retail Pro 9 as POS for our chains stores, we have around 7000 products we can export it from retail pro, what is the easiest way to import all products in Magento 2.

Hope to have answers.

Thank you.

  1. I think the easiest way to import the products it's through Magento's import functionality. You will need however to export the data into a CSV format file and import it in Magento. For the export, I suggest you do an export of some dummy data in Magento via the export feature so that you see the columns and format needed for the import. Then you can export your products into that format and import it in Magento.

  2. You could also use Magento's rest API endpoint to add the products by calling the API from your current system.

Whichever the approach, -probably you already know this, but I will have a go with it- I suggest you first check the Magento internal structure in terms of categories, attribute sets and stock management (specially concerning Multi Source Inventory).

Good luck!


I worked on integrating Retail Pro with Magento. Integration increase the accuracy and help

i) synchronize Item Catalog automatically on scheduled time. ii) Synchronize Stock On Hand real time to Magento. iii) Synchronize sales made in Magento to Retail Pro Version 9.

And many other omnichannel functionality can be added.

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