how can I change the (German) labels in admin panel like in the screenhot for example? I have tried to change this in "i18n" folders in custom theme and custom module but nothing worked. For frontend it is working fine but I have no idea to change that for admin panel. I have also cleaned all caches of corse. Can anybody help please?

enter image description here

  • You changed account locale? magento.stackexchange.com/a/113851/70343 – Dominic Xigen Feb 24 at 20:53
  • Sure please read my comment below. The screenshot is only in english so that everybody can read it. Concrete I have put this in my csv file in i18n folder: "Street Address","Straße / Haus-Nr." – Michael Feb 25 at 7:54

I think adding the translation with a language pack should do the trick + changing the language on the admin store to be the one you need.

  • There is already installed a language pack and of corse I do change the language in the admin panel. The screenshot is only in english so that can read everybody. But I want rename the translated text. – Michael Feb 23 at 11:22

Has nobody changed any text in the backend?

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