I am using Magefan blog extension, in the article page i want to move my banner image under breadcrumbs,

Live demo : https://blog.demo.magefan.top/blog/post/fashion/our-favorite-blue-bags-for-fall-winter-2016-2017

how to achieve using XML file.

I did move the relevant product section from the bottom of the article to the sidebar using XML using

<move element="blog.post.relatedproducts" destination="blog.sidebar" after="blog.sidebar.search"/>

How to move my article banner image under the breadcrumbs

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  1. You need to comment Feature image code from file app/code/Magefan/Blog/view/frontend/templates/post/view.phtml

    like - https://prnt.sc/103qhpo

  2. Please create new file image.phtml file under path - app/code/Magefan/Blog/view/frontend/templates/post/

  3. Please call this image.phtml file in blog_post_view.xml like this way -

    Please check - https://prnt.sc/103qjk8

  4. Put below code in file image.phtml

     <?php $_post = $block->getPost(); ?
     <?php if ($featuredImage = $_post->getFeaturedImage()): ?>
             $featuredImgAlt = $_post->getData('featured_img_alt');
             if (!$featuredImgAlt) {
                 $featuredImgAlt = $_postName;
         <div class="post-ftimg-hld">
             <img src="<?= $block->escapeUrl($featuredImage) ?>"
                  alt="<?= $block->escapeHtml($featuredImgAlt) ?>" />
     <?php endif; ?>
  5. Now need to move this block after breadcrumbs. So please again open file blog_post_view.xml

And move element like -

<move element="blog.image" destination="page.top" after="breadcrumbs"/>.

Above things will work according to your requirement


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