What is the best way to get product image(thumbnail) by sku ?

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This way the best way to get a product image.

protected $_productRepository;

public function __construct(
 \Magento\Catalog\Api\ProductRepositoryInterface $productRepository
) {            
    $this->_productRepository = $productRepository;

Get image like this:

$product = $this->_productRepository->get($sku); //pass sku here
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1)Create a block file:

namespace namespace Vendor\Extension\Block;
use Magento\Framework\View\Element\Template;
use Magento\Catalog\Helper\Image;
use Magento\Catalog\Model\ProductFactory;
use Magento\Framework\View\Element\Template\Context;
class Extension extends Template
    protected $imageHelper;
    protected $productFactory;
    public function __construct(Image $imageHelper, ProductFactory $productFactory, Context,) 
        $this->imageHelper = $imageHelper;
        $this->productFactory = $productFactory;
    public function getProductImageUrl($id)
            $product = $this->productFactory->create->load($id);
        catch (NoSuchEntityException $e) 
            return 'Data not found';
        $url = $this->imageHelper->init($product, 'product_thumbnail_image')->getUrl();
        return $url;

2)Create custom template file:

$product = $this->_productRepositoryFactory->create()->getBySku($sku);

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