Due to some reason my Magento 2 ver. 2.3.3 website is taking too much space from the server . Is there anything I can do about this or something I just have to deal with?

I was looking at this but it didn't really help me.

enter image description here

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The large tables ending in _cl are changelog tables created by the index MView process.

The _cl tables should automatically be deleted by a system cron job, it looks like yours are not being deleted and are becoming very large.

It should be ok to truncate these tables, but you need to find out why they are not being managed by the system - are your cron jobs running correctly?

This answer provides additional information about this problem and how to truncate the tables Magento 2 Tables Being Created Ending in "_cl"

Here is the official documentation for the MView index process: https://devdocs.magento.com/guides/v2.4/config-guide/multi-master/multi-master.html

Be sure to take a db backup before making any changes!


The google table may be a quick fix. If it's not something you use you can truncate.

It was used in module Magento_GoogleShoppingAds but that module is end of life.


However, the module adds triggers to your MySQL database and sometimes, when you upgrade to e.g. Magento 2.3.6 the module, removes the table but fails to remove the triggers.

You can drop the triggers

drop trigger trg_catalog_product_website_after_insert;
drop trigger trg_catalog_product_website_after_update;
drop trigger trg_catalog_product_website_after_delete;

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