I am getting following erro

knockout.js:3277 Uncaught Error: You cannot apply bindings multiple times to the same element.

Below is the code

var instance = new viewModel(initialData);
                        if(typeof(document.getElementById("menueditor")) !='underfined' && document.getElementById("menueditor")[0]){
                        var koNode = document.getElementById('menueditor');
                        var hasDataBinding = !!ko.dataFor(koNode);
                        console.log('has data binding', hasDataBinding);
                        if (!hasDataBinding) { ko.applyBindings(instance, koNode);}

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This is because you are trying to apply the bindings which Magento already does, within Magento 2 you should never do this.

You will need to research UI Components to see how to use Knockout within Magento 2.

A very basic component utilising Knockout looks something like this:

], function (ko) {
    'use strict';

    return function (Component) {
        return Component.extend({
            exampleText: ko.observable('Hello')


 <div data-bind="text: exampleText"></div>

I've answered this in more detail on this answer.

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