I created a clone of my live project and named it live_clone. Then I changed the database credentials in app/etc/env.php to my new live_clone database and imported the live database to it.

Then I opened the database with phpmyadmin and changed the BASE URL's to the live_clone domain.

I did this often and it always worked flawlessly.

Then I changed to deployment mode "production".

However, if I execute php bin/magento cache:flush on live_clone, then the cache is getting flushed for my live project instead of for the project live_clone. If I execute grunt clean on live_clone then users get redirected to live_clone instead of live!

What is going on?

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    where do you keep your cache? Redis/ files? – Diana Botean Feb 8 at 8:49
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    Good question! Yes, I am using Redis. It might still use the redis from live hmm – Black Feb 8 at 8:50

Please make sure that you are not using the Redis connection in app/etc/env.php cache key for both default and page_cache sub-keys.

  • Do you know if I can create a new Redis Database for live_clone? Or can I only use redis for the live project and I need to disable it for live_clone ? – Black Feb 8 at 9:02
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    ↑ I just changed the database numbers everywhere, now it seems to work! – Black Feb 8 at 9:06
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    Glad to hear this! Regarding your question, I would totally go with having separate redis instances. Why? because say you are debugging something and clear the cache directly using redis flushall - this command will flush all databases and you can accidentally clear the prod cache. you could theoretically use a diff database if you use only magento cache cleaning options, but i am not sure how this behaves when you use Flush Cache Storage button, (it doesn't care about tags, probably will delete your prod cache as well). – Diana Botean Feb 8 at 9:12

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