How to solve this error, product not visible on frontend, one day over still getting this notification.

  • Make sure cron running or not. – Amit Saini Feb 6 at 13:02
  • How to check my cron is running or not? – zus Feb 6 at 13:06
  • You can check by "crontab -l" command – Amit Saini Feb 6 at 13:07
  • If not running then run "php bin/magento cron:install" and then "php bin/magento cron:run" – Amit Saini Feb 6 at 13:08
  • -bash: crontab: command not found any help? – zus Feb 6 at 13:10

Hi please try to run below command and see if this solves your issue

php bin/magento cron:run

try this then

php bin/magento queue:consumers:start product_action_attribute.update --max-messages=20

more details here

Task "Update attributes for 34 selected products": 1 item(s) have been scheduled for update

  • Yes i did, still showing same message on header. – zus Feb 8 at 7:33
  • check the updated ans – Pramod Feb 8 at 7:38

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